Goldens' Cast Iron Syrup Kettle Fire Pits

Introducing our Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits. Goldens’ Foundry began producing syrup kettles back in the late 1800’s. Our kettle design is perfect for an outdoor fire pit. Cast iron construction ensures years of enjoyable use. Enjoy hours of family chats in the backyard for generations to come with the durability of cast iron.


The World's Toughest Cast Iron Fire Pits.TM

Inspired by the syrup kettles we made over 100 years ago, Goldens' Cast Iron Fire Pits will host generations of fireside chats. Our Fire Pits come pre-drilled to allow for rain to drain, for the addition of a gas line or for plumbing for a water feature. Steel stands are sold separately.

Welcome to the Iron Age.


Our 30 gallon fire pits are inspired by the syrup kettles we made over 100 years ago. Built to last for generations.

30 Gallon Fire Pit - Large


The 20 gallon is a slightly smaller version of the 30.  Great for smaller spaces, yet the same great durability and function.

20 Gallon Fire Pit - Small

Fire Pit Accessories

The Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker is offered as pictured and includes:

A Goldens' Cast Iron fire pit. Stands sold separately. 


Custom steel stand for our Goldens' Cast Iron Fire Pit. The prong heads are angled at 35 degrees

to safely hold the fire pit.

Goldens' Cast Iron Fire Pit Stand


Our custom Laser-Cut Fire Pit Stand accommodates both our large and small fire pits. A stylish and attractive addition.

Universal Laser-Cut Fire Pit Stand

Goldens_Cast_Iron_Fire_Pit_Features 1080

It all starts with our Goldens' Cast Iron family of products!

Join the Iron Age!

275 lbs of American Made Quality

Maneet Chauhan of Food Network, Robby Melvin of Southern Living and Tricia Sereno of Buffalo Trace, along with Brentley Hudson of Goldens' Cast Iron, offer kudos on our 30 gallon Fire Pits! Watch!

History and Evolution

Goldens’ Foundry & Machine Company began producing syrup kettles back in the late 1800’s. They were used to boil sugar cane or sorghum juice down into Cane Syrup and Molasses. Now they are the perfect inspiration for outdoor fire pits with 1/2 inch ductile cast iron construction that ensures generations of enjoyable use! 

Golden_Cat_35_(ca 1918)_Evap_Kettle 1080
Durable American Made Cast Iron

Our Goldens' Cast Iron Fire Pits are built to last generations.

Fire Pit Backyard Designs

The Goldens' Cast Iron Fire Pits looks great with stone!

(Stone sold separately.)
How to Build a Fire Pit - Goldens' Cast Iron - DIY

The Goldens' Cast Iron Fire Pits DIY with stone!

(Stone sold separately.)

Enjoy family. Make memories.

There's nothing better than spending the afternoon or evening around a Goldens' Cast Iron Fire Pit, telling stories and enjoying life with family and friend.


Family. Friends. Fun.

Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits are ideal for any outdoor installation or as a free standing unit with the Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pit Stands (not included). The fire pits come pre-drilled with a single drain hole. Just add firewood and your family will be ready to sit back and enjoy some family times by the fire! 

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