Goldens' 2020 Top 5 Outdoor

Backyard Design Trends!

It's fall and believe it or not, it's the ideal time to bring new life to your outdoor living areas for spring. Get ahead of the game! You can add an outdoor kitchen or enhance what you started by fusing beauty and function by bringing the indoors, outdoors! 

Goldens' Cast Iron will guide you with some clever outdoor trends with our 2020 top trends! You'll be inspire to design the outdoor utopia that you've always dreamed of!

Let's get started!

You are unique and personal. Show your design skills and avoid the cookie-cutter, box store mentality. Unleash your inner creativity! Plan custom pieces and arrangements tailored to your needs and flair. Set a tone in your outdoor living area with a statement piece that reflects your own unique style. Consider feng shui! That's the ancient art and science associated with good health and fortune, as well as the art of placement to bring good fortune! So bring good fortune to your family and friends! Consider your overall placement with your grill and fireplace designs. Consider counter top and stone choices, in addition to table and outdoor furniture styles for your outdoor kitchen area!

Keep in mind that as trends and styles change, distinctive placement can make a big difference in whatever design suits your tastes! 

5. Custom Designs

Sometimes trends are only good for a season or two and that's great for people who love change. But you love traditional, classic designs that offer great longevity. Consider a classic outdoor design that truly stands the test of time. Let your space reflect your traditional ideals of classic comfort, function, and beauty that will never go out of style!

Granite and river stone are a perennial favorite among traditional designs. A beautiful Goldens' Cast iron cooker, along with stainless steel accents, combined with wood and stone, marry strength and function with a great sense of tradition. 

4. Traditional Classic Designs

Blended designs are hugely popular, integrating eclectic elements of contrasting styles to create a harmonious blend that satisfies your variety of tastes. "Shabby chic" is a familiar combination that integrates the casual and the antique with a modern sensibility that's a great deal of fun.

The equally popular trend toward sophisticated "industrial chic" continues into 2019, and it has impressive applications for your outdoor kitchen. Merge the durability of a Goldens' Cast Iron cooker with industrial steel, along with a delicate accent of bar stools and sconces. Finish with distressed marble-styled flooring. Whether your taste is shabby or industrial chic, blended styles will continue to be very popular this year and beyond. These designs are very impressive and make a bold statement!

3. Blended Style Designs

You're a naturalist! You love the rustic, organic and natural look of your outdoor area. Consider incorporating your favorite organic design, then accented natural elements from your surrounding garden and outdoor living area! Here are some great ideas:

  • Natural stone kitchen area with stone counters

  • A Goldens' Cast Iron as a beautiful, harmonious addition

  • An open area, exposed to direct sunlight

  • Accenting with trees and potted plants

  • A natural landscape as an organic backdrop

  • Fountains or ponds lined with river stone

  • A beautiful pergola, opened to the outdoor area

  • Low profile, natural lighting 

  • Tastefully placed hanging lights (Don't overdo this one!)

2. Rustic Organic Designs

The finished look of your outdoor kitchen should look attractive and inviting but also be functional. There is so much more to your design than simply designing a suitable kitchen for your backyard. The idea is to create a space to gather and to enjoy each other’s company in the beauty of the outdoors. This is a great opportunity for offering feng shui to your space. 

1. Livable Functional Designs

Consider the overall focal points with sufficient seating around the living area. Built-in benches complete with plush decorative cushions and throw pillows are one way to achieve comfort while maintaining the visual appeal you want. In addition, outdoor sofas are practical and inviting while allowing you to maximize space for cooking and eating.  Ultimately, you want to achieve a harmonious look to your kitchen and outdoor space. 

We hope you're inspired!

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