Goldens’ Cast Iron produces grates for our cast iron 20.5" and 14" cookers. Now we are really proud to introduce our new 18” Grate replacements that will fit your large and classic size ceramic kamados!

Traditional cast iron grates for ceramic cookers sit on top of the fire box, which reduces your cooking surface height by an inch.

Our grates have feet that raise the surface by 2 inches, returning your cooking surface to you, giving your customers that extra inch they always wanted! 
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Grate Tool Sold Seperately Buy Grate Tool Here

Cast Iron Grate for 18" Ceramic Cookers

  • “You want grill marks? Cook on cast iron!  I love a good grill mark. If you want to impress the fam and friends with professional looking steaks, check out Goldens Cast Iron grills. Bad. Ass.”

    - Melissa Cookston 7 Time World Barbecue Champion

  • Width 18.75”

    Length 9.25”

    Height 3.00”

    Weight 10 lbs.

    Grate Tool Sold Separately. Buy Here

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