Cast Iron Dumbbells


  • American Made in Georgia
  • Made from 100% Recycled American Steel
  • Proprietary Ductile Cast Iron Blend – The best of ductile and gray iron properties
  • Ranging from 5-50 LBs
  • Finish: Black Semi-Gloss High Performance Coating
  • Smooth Sand Textured Grip for Comfort and Performance

Cast Iron Dumbbells

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Goldens Cast Iron Dumbbells are American-made cast iron masterpieces.  They are sold in pairs and are built to last a lifetime. The current selection ranges in weight from 5lbs to 50lbs.  Higher weights are coming very soon.  Don’t rely on gym availability. Instead, get your own set of Goldens’ Cast Iron Dumbbells. They are guaranteed to meet the highest demands of your workout routines.

  • SHIPS in 3-5 business days.
  • High Quality Cast Iron
  • Sold as a Pair (Qty 1 = 2 Dumbbells)
Pair Size : 20
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GET YOU SOME FITNESS! Introducing our Goldens’ Cast Iron Dumbbells made from the highest quality American-made materials! Goldens’ Foundry has been producing massive industrial cast iron products for companies all over the world since in the late 1800’s. Now you can enjoy our durable, solid cast iron dumbbells. Buy a pair or get the full line to complete your in-home gym or fitness center! Let’s get in shape! #GetYouSomeFitness!!

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Shipping from our facility in Columbus, Georgia is 10-15 (business days)* from the date of your order, due to high demand and order volume. When your order ships, we will send you an email with tracking information. If you have ordered multiple items (thank you!) or items which ship in separate boxes (50lb dumbbells!), we will send you an email as each package ships.

It can be 2-5 consecutive days* to receive your product. Keep in mind that our carriers (typically FedEx) are overwhelmed due to COVID and post-COVID issues.

*Business days: Monday through Friday, or a 5 day week. It does not include weekends.

*Consecutive days: Monday through Sunday or a full 7 day week.


If you want to pickup from our foundry in Columbus, Georgia, then you certainly can! Just order online. For the street address, type “local pickup”, then Columbus, GA 31901, select “local pickup” to waive shipping! That’s it! Remember, no need to call!

We’re filling orders daily so we will contact you via email when your order is ready for pickup. We won’t have your order ready until we contact you!

Goldens’ Cast Iron Dumbbells are made of our proprietary ductile cast iron blend. Buy a pair or get the full line to complete your in-home gym or fitness center!

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Pound sizes :

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50

What are dumbbells?

Dumbbells are individual weights, made of cast iron or other heavy material, that are used individually or as a pair to exercise and build certain muscle groups in a gym or at home.

What are dumbbells used for?

Dumbbells are associated with intense muscle isolation, unlike kettlebells, which are associated with dynamic movement and cardio. Typically the chest, biceps and shoulders are isolated. There is a cardio component as well but with more intense isolation for strength training.

What are 3 benefits of dumbbells?

Strength balance, between extremities, eliminates muscle imbalances. Higher intensity workouts and safer on joints than barbells

Why dumbbells are called dumbbells?

Back in the 17th century, athletes used small bells to workout with. But to keep the noise down, the clapper, that strikes the bell and makes the sound, was removed, making the bell “dumb”. Hence the name, “dumbbell”!

What are dumbbells made out of?

Dumbbells are typically made of cast iron, although there are some cast iron weights coated in rubber. Then there are some made of concrete with a plastic shell.

Do dumbbells really work?

Yes. As long as you start small with higher repetitions, later building into heavier weights and fewer repetitions for strength training.

Should I use dumbbells everyday?

No. Since dumbbell workouts are high intensity isolation of muscle groups, it is recommended that a 2 day break between muscle groups allows better recovery time.

Will dumbbells reduce belly fat?

High endurance, aerobic exercise is the best choice for reducing belly fat. Of course a healthy diet, in addition to aerobic and strength training combined will help you lower belly fat.

How heavy should dumbbells be?

To start, 5-10 pounds for women, 10-15 pounds for men. Higher reps (10-20) is best with lighter weights as you build those muscle fibers. You’ll feel the difference as you grow and at the point, you can increase your weights incrementally. Don’t over do it in the beginning. You can risk injury. Build naturally.

Will 25 lb dumbbells build muscle?

Resistance training is key. So lower weights will tone but not build muscle fibers. There is typically a combination of proper carb loading and resistance training to fuel muscle growth.

Can I get in shape with just dumbbells?

Yes, if your goal is to build lean muscle mass, dumbbells are your best choice. The best way to do that is to use low weights with high reps in the beginning, then reverse with higher weights and fewer reps.

Product Reviews

7 reviews for Cast Iron Dumbbells

  1. Mary

    Heck, I didn’t think America made kettlebells anymore. I’ve been looking everywhere. I read a article about kettlebell and dumbbell shortages and to my surprise you guys make them! Ha! So glad! Telling friends!

  2. Kenneth

    These cast iron dumbbells are really nice! Just as good, if not better than the ones at my gym! I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely recommending to friends.

  3. David

    I really wanted to get some cast iron dumbbells to help me pump up my biceps and these are really beyond my expectations! Much better quality than the imported ones I had. Got rid of those.

  4. Sam van der Poel (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my dumbbells! They feel and look great. I’m also happy to be buying American made. Thank you, and I will surely be back for more.

  5. Robert

    Got my dumbbells! Thanks! Man, I’ve been searching forever. You can’t get any good quality weights right now. Nobody makes them in this country, except for you guys. Thanks! I’m pumpin’ me some Goldens’ Cast Iron now!

  6. Michael Lomsky (verified owner)

    My use case is doing various exercises with a bench and standing, etc. I like dumbbells in general for strength training.

    I recently purchased 20,30,40, and 50 dumbbell pairs. They came 30, 40, and then 20. I made a second order for the 50s after the 30s and 40s came. All dumbbells are individually packaged. Comically, 1 30lb dumbbell arrived with 1 40 dumbbell. 2 days later the other members of the pairs came. A few days later I ordered the 50s, and they came a few days before the 20s which were in my first order. The 20s came today; a few hours ago.

    They ship in heavy cardboard that in every case was busted up and the corners of the dumbbells were scratched and scraped a little bit. It looks like more or less normal wear and tear if you use them on concrete floors. I do not think the various shippers care about the product, and always the package was opened. None of this bothers me, but some folks might care, so it’s worth letting you know.

    For me, it’s clearly a quality product, and it’s made in the USA. I am very happy to help a US business with all the current virus related economic issues.

    I will add that several friends have seen my dumbbells, and have ordered their own.

    I plan on ordering heaver than 50s when they are available.

  7. Bobby Beverly (verified owner)

    Love these dumbbells. I love how they look and how they feel in my hands. I highly recommend. Prompt shipping as well. Huge thanks to the folks at Goldens Cast Iron for making them!

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