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  • 8kg | 18 lbs
  • 12 kg | 26lbs
  • 16 kg | 36 lbs
  • 20 kg | 44 lbs
  • 24kg | 53 lbs
  • 28kg | 62lbs
  • 32kg | 70lbs
  • 36kg | 79lbs
  • 40lbs

Goldens’ Cast Iron Kettlebells are produced from our superior quality proprietary ductile cast iron blend at our foundries in Columbus and Cordele, Georgia. Renowned for their outstanding strength and durability, Goldens’ Cast Iron Kettlebells outperform traditional cast iron kettlebells and imported pot metal weights. Cast as a single unit, our kettlebells don’t break between the handle and the body like cheaply made kettlebells. The brittleness of imported kettlebells and dumbbells stems from poor metallurgical controls. Further, a lack of consumer safety protections results in unacceptable coatings that flake off in pieces. Unacceptable. Our American-made products are designed for consumers who want to guarantee their products are produced ethically and responsibly. Our company values worker safety and saving our environment for future generations. Our cast iron kettlebells and dumbbells are produced in adherence to all U.S. laws and regulations regarding wages, safety, and environmental practices.


8kg | 18 lbs, 12 kg | 26lbs, 16 kg | 36 lbs, 20 kg | 44 lbs, 24kg | 53 lbs, 28kg | 62lbs, 32kg | 70lbs, 36kg | 79lbs, 40lbs


We ship from our facilities within 3-5 business days from the date of your order. When your order ships, we will send you an email with tracking information. If you have ordered multiple items or heavy items (50 lbs+) that ship in separate boxes, we will send you an email as each package ships.

Please Note: You will receive an email notification with your order, then another email notification the day of shipment with your shipping and tracking information.


If you want to pick up from our foundry in Columbus, Georgia, you certainly can! Just order online. For the street address, type “local pickup, Columbus, GA 31901”, and select “local pickup” to avoid shipping costs. 

We’re filling orders daily so we will contact you via email when your order is ready for pickup.


Our kettlebells are made of the highest quality American-made materials as part of our proprietary ductile cast iron blend! Perfectly balanced, single-unit cast kettlebells. Get the full line to complete your in-home gym or fitness center! Each of our kettlebells are individually inspected to ensure a proper finish and a great gripping surface.

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Pound sizes:

18, 26, 35, 44


8, 12, 16, 20


What are kettlebells?

Kettlebells look like a cannonball with handles! They are weights that are used for dynamic exercise, offering cardio and strength endurance, balance, agility, and improved range of movement.

What do kettlebells do for your body?

You burn fat and increase muscle tone through dynamic movement. The kettlebell engages your entire body, activativing your arms, pecs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and more. So much more.

Can you lose weight with kettlebells?

Yes! The range of motion you can get by swinging a kettlebell burns fat, increases your endurance, strength trains, and increases your agility!

Is it worth buying a kettlebell?

Yes! Research shows that kettlebells offer greater overall muscle gains by utilizing certain muscle groups that dumbbell strength training does not offer. Investing in kettlebells for your home gym are more than worth the cost.

Should I buy kettlebells or dumbbells?

Yes! You should have both kettlebells and dumbbells in your home gym. If you want to increase endurance, explosive power, and burn fat, kettlebells will be at the heart of your workouts. If you want to maximize power lifting and strength training, dumbbells are an excellent choice. There really is a place for both kettlebells and dumbbells in most strength and fitness programs.

How long should a kettlebell workout be?

30 minutes is recommended for a complete kettlebell workout.

What is a good kettlebell weight for men to start with?

These are only recommendations. Start with the weight that is best for your body.

Beginning training: 25 – 35 lbs

Advanced training: 44 lbs or higher

What is a good kettlebell weight for women to start with?

These are only recommendations. Start with the weight that is best for your body.

Beginning training: 18 – 26 lbs

Advanced training:  26 – 35 lbs

Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebell training offers many benefits for athletes. Cast iron kettlebells are used for dynamic resistance training which differentiates kettlebell workouts from the simple muscle isolation training you get with dumbbells and barbells. Kettlebell training involves tempo-style kettle swinging, often in a pendulum-style movement. As a result, the body’s core must work harder to stabilize itself in reaction to the gravitational pull and centrifugal forces. That dynamic range of motion and force builds your core muscle and provides you with an amazingly functional, total body workout. It also increases both strength and endurance!  

There are a wide range of kettlebell workouts and kettlebell training plans available online. Choose a plan based on your ability and your fitness goals. It’s always best to start low and slow – lower weights and slower movements. This low and slow approach allows you to avoid injuries and get the results you desire. As you become more familiar and comfortable using Goldens’ Cast Iron Kettlebells, you can increase the intensity and move up to higher weights. 

 You will need different sizes of kettlebells for different workouts. For some movements, you will want lighter kettlebells. For others, you will go with heavier kettlebells. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that heavier is always better. Remember that nothing will slow down your fitness and strength building progress more than an injury. Don’t overwork your body. Listen to your body and stay safe while enjoying the many benefits of Goldens’ Cast Iron Kettlebells!

10 reviews for Cast Iron Kettlebells

  1. Sophia

    Love the cast iron kettlebells I bought from Goldens’ Cast Iron. They are tough and good-looking too! 5 out of 5 stars.

  2. Susan

    I just purchased a cast iron Kettlebell from Goldens Cast Iron last week. It was actually a nice shopping experience. Customer service answered back pretty quick! Thanks, Goldens!

  3. Maria Smith

    These Kettlebells really made my morning and evening workouts! Very nice set of Cast Iron Kettlebells too! Getting stronger every day! Thanks!

  4. Brent

    I gotta say. One of the best cast iron Kettlebell sets I bought so far. I will recommend this product to friends. Good customer service too!

  5. Jonathan Shefftz (verified owner)

    Expanding their consumer products from cast iron grills to cast iron weights during the pandemic, brilliant move, love it: the *only* reasonably priced extensive in-stock selection of kettlebells and dumbbells!
    My only suggestion is to increase the upper weight range of the kettlebells. The dumbbells go up to 50 lb, but the kettlebells max out at 44 lb, which is quite modest for a basic kb squat.

  6. Richard

    You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for kettlebells! I can’t find kettlebells anywhere, specially made in this country. I’m sick of cheap foreign kettles. Gave my old ones to Goodwill. These Goldens kettlebells are friggin nice! Good quality. I’m pleasantly surprised! Thanks!

  7. Emma

    I bought kettlebells from Goldens’ Cast Iron a few days back. It is really an excellent quality strength training kettlebell product. I am highly satisfied with Goldens’ Cast Iron.

  8. Nancy

    It was a nice shopping experience with an impressive delivery infrastructure. Enjoyed my workout sessions with these kettlebells which I bought from Goldens’ Cast Iron.

  9. Robert

    Is the price for a set???

  10. KD (verified owner)

    Great product!!! It is hard to find weights or any other fitness equipment right now. Price is reasonable and quick delivery.

  11. Mike (verified owner)

    I have the 44lb one and it’s awesome. My other kettle bells are kettlebell king brand and the golden kettle bell has a bit less refined of a look but I’m my opinion that just means it has more character. I also like the handle on the golden bell better than the Kettlebell king handles .

  12. Hunter Smith (verified owner)

    These are really nice kettlebells. I have some Kettlebells from other manufacturers (Rogue, Kettlebell Kings), but my favorite might be my 44lbs KB from Golden: it’s study, well-built and looks good after near daily use for six months. The grip is a little thicker than some other KBs, but it’s comfortable to get my hands into it and probably helps to build grip strength. Plus, it shipped out to me and arrived very quickly.

  13. Brett Poirier (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier!

    I, like many others, got my Kettlebell at the start of the pandemic. I’ll be honest Golden Cast Iron was not my first choice but they had workout equipment available when no one else did and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

    12 kg kettlebell and haven’t looked back. I’m ordering my second one today so I can do two at a time in my workouts and I’m sure I’ll eventually build even further.

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