Cast Iron Half Grate

20.5" & 14" Kamados

Our reversible cast iron half grate gives you the ability to choose both the distance to the fire as well as the width of the cooking surface. 



Goldens' Cast Iron 18" grates

for ceramic kamados.

In the lower position, the grate provides a wide cooking surface for beautiful grill marks with each sear. The upper position is ideal for smoking and grilling. The purchase of two additional grates adds a tiered-cooking option to your Cooker – perfect for smoking multiple racks of ribs at a time!

The extra inch you always wanted!

Goldens’ Cast Iron produces grates for our cast iron 20.5" and 14" cookers. Now we are really proud to introduce our new 18” Grate replacements that will fit your large and classic size ceramic kamados!

Traditional cast iron grates for ceramic cookers sit on top of the fire box, which reduces your cooking surface height by an inch. Our grates have feet that raise the surface by 2 inches, returning your cooking surface to you, giving your customers that extra inch they always wanted!

GCI 18 Inch Grates.jpg
GCI 18 Inch Grates 4c.jpg
GCI 18 Inch Grates 5aa.jpg

Goldens' Cast Iron grates are not those thin, cheaply made foreign cast iron grates that you sell to your ceramic kamado customers. They are made by the same process we've used to produced large industrial cast iron products worldwide for the past 138 years! So we know a little something about cast iron! Now you and your customers can enjoy these high quality grates that come with a lifetime guarantee.

It all starts with our Goldens' Cast Iron family of products!

Join the Iron Age!

The versatility of our cast iron grates.

Brentley Hudson demonstrates the versatility of our cast iron cookers!

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