Goldens' Cast Iron 20.5" Kamado Cooker

The world's toughest cast iron cooker, smoker and top kamado grill! Constructed of high-quality, durable American made 7/8" cast iron with a full 20.5" cooking area that will last for generations! Beyond durability, our cast iron surfaces offer amazing "flavorability" too! 


Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker (20.5" cooker without cart)


The Ultimate Cast Iron Kamado.

The Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker is built on two beliefs: First, as a 5th generation family business, products should be built to last, just like our company; and second, while life may be fragile, your grill doesn’t have to be. For the past 134 years, Goldens’ Foundry & Machine Company has cast the parts that have helped build America. The Goldens’Cast Iron Cooker will bring your family together for generations to come.

It all starts with our Goldens' Cast Iron family of products!

Join the Iron Age!

The Advantages of Cast Iron

Cooking with cast iron offers advantages over alternative cookers, such as:

Increased Durability

Cast iron provides the highest levels of crack and shock resistance.


Superior Cooking Material

Cast iron’s radiant and thermal properties provide even heating and precise temperature control. Everyone knows nothing tastes as good as food cooked in grandma’s cast iron skillet.


Integrated Hinge

Precision cast integrated hinge offers bandless design, closing on a single axle for a perfect seal every time. Other cookers require band and hinge maintenance over time to correct lid misalignment.


A Single-Piece Firebox

The more pieces you have, the more problems you have. Our firebox is one piece, solid iron. Strong. Stable. Durable.


Cart Shelving

Weather-resistant shelves are perfect for food prep.


All-Weather High-Temperature Powder Coat Finish

Prevents rusting and weathering effects.

Cooker Specs:

29.75" - Length

66" - Width

47" - Height

460 Ibs.

7/8" Cast Iron

Cast Iron Cooker Accessories

The Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker is offered as pictured and includes: A Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker with cart, side shelves, cast iron wheels and high-temperature weather-resistant black powder-coat finish. A full set of 20.5" cast iron grates, grate lift tool and a searing plate are also included. 

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