What happens if I don’t burp the Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker? This really is a safety issue.

The trapped heat can quickly exhaust if the grill is opened up too fast. The result can be spontaneous combustion!

If you don’t want hair on your arms, however, this can get the job done fast. But isn’t burping rude? Not when you are cooking on the Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker. When you are cooking at temperatures above 250 degrees, you should burp your Cooker.

Simply open up the dome a couple of inches, close, and repeat three times. By burping the grill, you are preventing potential flare ups. What if I don’t have a Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker to burp? Not a problem. Enter the Iron Age by ordering America’s best new outdoor cooker. We’ll have your Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker delivered to your address fully assembled and ready to get cooking!

The cooker will be delivered to you on a lift gate truck at a delivery time that fits your schedule.

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