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UPGRADE YOUR COOKER! Goldens’ Cast Iron offers our heavy duty 1.5″ thick cast iron fire box for 20.5″ Kamado Grill, with thermodynamics, allowing consistent heat that allow a longer burn with less fuel. It is the very heart of the Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker with superior engineering compared to any other kamado firebox ever produced. Eyebolt sold separately.


How to install or remove fire box.

Install and removal: You will see a center hole at the bottom of the fire box. The threaded center hole size, for firebox removal, takes a 1/2-13 threaded eye bolt (included with stand alone cooker only). The OD is roughly 1/2″ and there are 13 threads per inch (TPI). If you have a table or handle cart, visit your hardware store and purchase a 1/2-13″ standard eye bolt. Screw it into the hole, secure a chain or heavy duty nylon rope and carefully lift it out for removal, or lower it for installation. You will need more than one person for this task.

CAUTION! The cooker and cart is potentially top heavy, once the firebox is removed, so please keep it on a level surface and don’t attempt to flip the lid open quickly, or move the cart around until the firebox is back in position. Please keep children and animals away from the cooker as you remove or install the fire box.

Mounting your cooker to an outdoor kitchen: If you are mounting your cooker to an outdoor kitchen counter, remove the firebox and you will see four bolts if it is mounted to a cart. Remove the bolts and lift the cooker from the cart. We advise that you have two or more people to assist.

If you purchased a stand alone cooker, meaning with no cart, there will be four holes for mounting. Make sure you have properly measured for bolts that are securely protruding from the mounting surface of your outdoor kitchen. NEVER place your stand alone cooker on a surface without mounting. It could tip and cause damage and injury. You must securely mount the cooker to a surface.

DO NOT set it and forget it. We implore you to bolt the cooker securely in place for safety, or use our new cooker base. Once bolted in, then you can place the firebox back into position. See the notch at the 12 o’clock position in this photo? There is a gap at the bottom of the fire box, so when you put it back in place, it will sit properly within the bottom part of the cooker. You may need to rotate it into position. Once in position, and the fire box is back in place, you can add your searing plate, grates, etc. That’s it!

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Professional Reviews

We are honored that ABC News would select Goldens’ Cast Iron as part of their news series, “Made in America”. On behalf of all of our hard working employees, we extend humble thanks to David Muir and the ABC News Team.

“Cast iron is the holy grail material of cooking—it has the highest crack and shock resistance, optimal properties for even heating, but most importantly, creates the perfect, indefinable home-cooked flavor. Complete with multi-level racks, searing plate, stainless steel intake and weather-proofing, this grill is the ultimate multitasker.” – South Magazine

“I have tons of grills on my patio, but I probably cook on this one about 50% of the time, which puts it in first place on my grill cooking time list”!

Melissa Nichols Cookston, 7-time World Barbecue Champion, Pitmaster, Chef, and Restaurant Owner

“Could this be the killer of ceramic kamados? On this video, I’ll review the Goldens’ Cast-Iron Kamado, and then put it to the test by smoking a 12.83-pound beef brisket. Spoiler alert… This cast-iron kamado is awesome!” – Ballistic BBQ

“From my first cook, the Golden’s cast iron kamado has blown me away with its ease of use and ability to maintain temperature. I proudly recommend this to anyone in the market for an outside grill. It will truly last my family for generations to come.”

– Executive Chef Matthew Statham, 2019 World Food Championships Chef Champion of Saw’s Soul Kitchen, Birmingham, AL

“Goldens’ Cast Iron has been recognized for their top quality craftsmanship in the 2019 Made in the South Awards.”

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